Five Useful Tips for the Website Layout

There are many different aspects of building a website that demands attention. The starting point of building a website is in the layout of the site itself. This should be done before any content can be added. There are different segments of the layout that the web builder has to concentrate on.


Different factors can slow down a website. This can be damaging to the site. The major search engines will frown upon this. Also, users will expect the site to load immediately.

The Fold

There are different segments of a website layout where important information should appear. In this case, it is the fold. This is the area of the webpage that appears before the user has to do any scrolling to see more information. Some believe that putting the most important information above the fold is not important anymore. But some research has indicated that 57% of-of those using websites spend most of their time above the fold. The layout for the website has to be sure that all the space available in the fold is available for text and content.

Minimising the Choices

Often there is a section of a web design that allows for choices that pertain to the website. Choices are important, but they should not be overwhelming. If this happens, it becomes too confusing for the site user.

Simple is Better

With all the resources that are available for site design, it is easy to get carried away. For example, using too many colours or fonts. All of which is determined during the layout of the site. The more simple the layout is, the easier it is for users to navigate.

If an individual is not familiar with building a website, they are better off at least having the layout and designed done by a professional.