General Pet Travel Advice

There are many things that a pet owner wants to get their pet used to. This makes up much of the training that many pet owners will practice with their pets. Sometimes what gets overlooked is proper travelling practices with the pet.

Reasons a Pet May Have to Travel

There will undoubtedly be times where there will be no choice for the pet but to travel. For example, when they need to go to the veterinarian for treatments and checkups.

Then at other times, the family may want to take the pet with them on family outings. If the pet does not travel well, it can make these outings miserable for the pet. Also, it can inconvenience the pet owner as they may need to get a pet sitter.

Training for Travelling

Training the pet for travelling should be done when they are young. In addition to this, the pet must be trained for safe travel. Pets should be crated when travelling in a vehicle, and the crate should be secured in the vehicle.

The first step is to familiarise the pet with the crate that will be used for travelling. This can be done while putting them in the crate in the house for short segments. Once they adjust to this then practice runs should be done of carrying the pet in the crate to the car and left site there momentarily without the car running.

Following this, the pet should be carried in the crate to the car while it is running. It doesn’t hurt to introduce the pet to the sounds of a running vehicle before being crated so they can get used to the sounds.

Then finally starting with short trips will soon allow the pet to adjust to the travel. It is important that they are comfortable during travel. They should be allowed to go to the bathroom before the trip.