The Must Haves for a Veterinarian Website

There are a lot of things that are optional to have on a website then there are several things that a website must have. The following are the must-haves for the site to be compliant with search engines and sometimes regulations.

The Landing Page

Every website will need to have some type of landing page. This is the page that users of the site will first come to when they click on a URL that applies to the site. In most cases for the website, it is the home page. Many consider this to be the most crucial page of the entire site. It is the page that needs to be fully search engine optimised as it will be the primary indicator to the search engines as to what the site is about. The veterinarian website will want to use this page to showcase what they have to offer to their clients.

The Contact Page

This is a page that doesn’t usually have a lot of content, but it provides important information to users. It is the page that provides information as to where the veterinarian is physically located and usually includes contact information like phone numbers and hours of operation. Many of the contact pages also have a contact form so users can send messages or provide queries via email. The major search engines like to see contact pages on a website. If they are not present, there is a chance the site will get a low ranking.

The About Us Page

Most veterinary sites have an about us page that gives details about the staff who is going to be providing the veterinary services along with the support staff. This is an important segment of the veterinarian site as it answers a lot of questions about the credibility of the professionals affiliated with the services being offered.

Three important but straightforward pages for the veterinarian website.