Travel Advice – Flying with Pets

There are times when a pet owner must travel with their pet. It may be for a simple visit to the vet. Or, it could be much more extensive travel like flying with the pet to another destination. In this case, the veterinarian is going to be instrumental in this being a successful experience.

Dealing with the Stress

There are two components of stress that comes with flying with pets. There are the stress levels for the pet and then the stress level for the pet owner. Both of which have to be dealt with. There are plenty of resources that provide overall advice for air travel with pets. The more information gathered, the better.

Another resource to help with this is the pet’s veterinarian. This professional will first ensure that it is going to be safe for the pet to fly healthwise, which means having a full physical examination. If the vet feels there are any concerns at this time they these will be made known to the pet owner. There may be some options for correcting the issue. Or the advice may be not to allow the pet to fly.

By having the pet cleared by the veterinarian to fly it helps to relieve some of the stress that comes with this if it is a new experience for the pet or the owner.

The Preparation

It is not likely that a test run can be taken to help the animal adjust to flying. But in most cases, car travel is going to be needed to get to the airport. This is something that can be practised if the pet is not used to car travel. Starting with short trips to familiarise the pet is the first step. Also, getting the pet used to being crated will be important if the animal is going to be transported in the plane’s cargo section.